TTCI League Information

The Table Tennis Club of Indianapolis runs two leagues throughout the year:

The Thursday night league is designed for beginner to intermediate players.
The Monday night league caters to intermediate to advanced players.
Walk-ins are welcome at both leagues. At least one table will be available for non-league players and walk-ins may be used as subs in league matches.

Monday Night League

  • This league will use a Round Robin Table format.
  • Details on the league format are forthcoming.
  • Other pricing plans (e.g., monthly) are also available. Please click HERE for more information

    Thursday Night League
  • This league uses a 4-person team format with 6 teams.
  • The league typically runs for 11 weeks (10 weeks to allow each team to play every other team twice, and the last week for awards night).
  • The first 24 players signing up (and paying the required deposit) will be accepted into the league. (Current league players are given the opportunity to sign up before open registration starts.)
  • The top 6 rated players will be team captains and will select their teammates.
  • Each player will play one doubles and three singles matches each league night.
  • Subs will be allowed if they are arranged in advance. Walk-in subs may be used for fun matches.
  • The total cost of the league is $8/session... that is, $88 for an 11-week league.
  • At least $20 is required to reserve a place in the league. This is due when you sign up for the league.
  • At least half of the remaining balance is to be paid on or before the first night of the league.
  • Any remaining balance is to be paid in full by the end of week five.
  • Other pricing plans (e.g., monthly) are also available. Please click HERE for more information.

    If you would like more information about the leagues, send an email to:

    or call (evenings): (317) 895-8394

    Last Updated: 06-16-2011